Last of the Introductions.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

After another jam-packed YM afternoon, the rest of the Team managed to complete writing of introductions & aspirations for 2020.

My name is Beau. I am doing YM to have more fun & meet people younger or the same age. By being part of YM, I hope to become more responsible by doing what I'm told no matter what. This year my goal is to be the best I can. For the Team, our goals will be to to have the school achieve 53% AT by the end of Term 1 & at the end of the year, 60% AT.

I am Nathan.I am doing YM because I want to be a school leader & I want to encourage people to use AT. I want our Team to earn a lot of points. My goal is to reach 60% AT. For our Team, I'd like to achieve Double Platinum.

My name is Ruby. I love singing, dancing & art. The reason I'm in the YM Team is to encourage other members of our school to use AT when coming to school & outside of school. I want to become more responsible by doing extra jobs. I would love to get to Double Platinum so we can earn the sticker to put on our sign. A Team goal is to get 60% AT for the first time.

My name is Chloe & I love soccer. I joined the YM Team because I thought I needed to be more responsible & I love to be active. My goal is to have fun with the YM Team & learn more about being active. A Team goal is to learn about teamwork & achieve 60% AT by Term 4.

Mentor's note: More inspiration! I just love how this bunch wants to aim high, how the word "encourage" is readily used & how having fun is seen as being part & parcel of being a Team.

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Looking forward to a great year team. We are off to a very busy but exciting start. Ms Riley

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James (Your Move)

I love how the theme of wanting to be more responsible is so popular - do you have some kind of magic potion for that? Sharing these motivations has earned you 10 points.

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