Looking back on Term 1.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This afternoon, in between countless other tasks, I asked the Team to think back over this term to ponder how we have gone. It was just a quick 5 minute exercise & here are the thoughts of our slightly depleted numbers.

This was a great term with an AT average of 59% at the end of term. The Decorate Your Wheels was a great way to encourage AT. Our Star Card take up is 75% & we are getting close to Gold. It's been an awesome way to start the year & finish the term. Ruby

This term YM has been great. We ended up with an average of 59% AT . It has been good to be in the YM Team this term. Talayah

I think this term was amazing. I'm having so much fun but the reason why it is so amazing is because we had an average of 59% AT & we've almost reached Gold. That is exactly why this term was so amazing. Kelly

At the end of term we achieved an average 59% of the school choosing AT. We got another Accreditation sign as well. 75% of our school has a Star Card. Dylan

Mentor's note: The term has been a hive of industrious activity by the YM Team. The enthusiasm of all of the students buoys my spirits & the commitment shown by each of them is just so inspiring. I leave each session with a spring in my step & joy in my heart. Such a privilege to be able to work with such engaging young people. Thank you, Team.

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James (Your Move)

I have to agree with you Arlene, after reading one of your stories, your team (and that includes you!) always leaves me on a high too 🤩. Thanks for sharing your team's reflections here - you have earned 15 points for taking time to do the activity and another 15 for giving us another uplifting student focussed story. Have a wonderful last few days of term 😁.

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Thank you James. I cannot but want to be involved with such an engaging Team.

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