Lost & Then Found.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last year when we were preparing for our Access Guide, & I was checking our wayfinding signage, I inadvertently found out that some signage had mysteriously disappeared. Concerned over such an occurrence my first port of call was the City of Rockingham. Investigations took place, all drawing blanks as to what had happened. The GOOD news is that COR will replace the lost signage so we are all smiles again.

Another instance of COR working with its community for the benefit of everyone. Thank you to our past & present Community Development Officers (Recreation & Well-being), Althea Gordon & Penny McCall, for achieving the beneficial outcome.

Signage, now safely replaced:

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James (Your Move)

Well that's a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie or perhaps Inspector Rex! Nice work alerting the helpful City of Rockingham - it has earned you 20 activity points. I reckon you could get some good local media out of that one (hint, hint)!

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All in the hands of our amazing Community Development Officer (Recreation & Well-Being) Penny McCall, James. Penny has just come into the role this year & already is very supportive of YM schools in Rockingham. Just another example of community collaboration in the COR!

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