Maintaining the momentum.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

One of our discussion points at yesterday's YM session was our SOY HU results. To start with there were plenty of smiles (the results were good!) Then came the pondering looks... as I asked the Team HOW we can maintain AND improve on our 48% AT rate. After a round table discussion, I asked the Team to put into writing how each of them would do this.

Dylan put it most succinctly: SOY HU we got 48% AT. I think we could get more if we continue the Star Cards and possibly do more events. By the end of Term 2 we are trying to get 49% AT and at Term 4 EOY we are trying to get 50%.

Just love how the Team is readily using the SMART approach in our thinking, planning & doing!

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James (Your Move)

It sound like Dylan has got it all worked out (and the others too, judging by your comments). Thanks for this little gem from your team meeting Arlene - it has earned you another 10 points for your 'Organise Regular Team Meetings' activity in Term 1.

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