Meeting Beth Goodall from the Heart Foundation

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

When Mrs Yates tried to register for WOO, she found out that the Heart Foundation would no longer be sponsoring it. We found out that there were LOTS of WOO stickers that needed to be used up, so we offered to take as many as we could have.

There were that many that Beth Goodall, from the HF, decided to deliver them. Mrs Yates asked Beth if she would like to meet the TS Team when she delivered the stickers back in September.

We introduced ourselves and why we wanted to be in TS. We also talked about what's been going on in our TS sessions. Thank you Beth for giving us the stickers. We are creating Farewell WOO posters. They are looking great.


(Mentor's note: Watch this space for some artistic creations as part of our Farewell Walk Over October.)

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