Meeting the Challenge.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

During one of our weekly sessions, the Team devised a message to be delivered to classes & one as a PA message. It came to our attention, via concerned teachers, that some children were using other than safe ways to get to the bike & scooter racks. So a round table discussion ensued & the gist was worked out. While the rest of the Team was beavering away on a story about Open Night (still to come!) & sorting Star Cards, Carolina & Tori came up with the class & PA messages.

Class message: Good afternoon, everyone. We are members of the YM Team. We are pleased with the number of students using Active Transport. We are concerned for your safety so PLEASE REMEMBER that the teachers' carpark is a NO GO area.

We would also like to let you know that our new bike & scooter racks are near Room 2. So when you ride your bike or scooter to school, use the gate on Fairmile St near Room 1, to get to the racks. And REMEMBER walk your wheels into school!

PA message: The YM Team reminds you to use the new bike & scooter racks near Room 2. Please use the gate at Fairmile St to go through to the bike & scooter racks. A SAFETY REMINDER: the teachers' carpark is a NO GO area for students. This is to Keep YOU safe!

Footnote: The Team visited classes this afternoon during our YM session to deliver the class message. It has been decided to read the PA message once a week to keep it fresh.

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James (Your Move)

I love getting little insights as to what actually goes on in team meetings - thanks for sharing all the details of this particular initiative (bonus 10 points!)

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