New Bike Track for Kindy/PP

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

Warnbro Primary school were lucky enough to receive the full $15 000 Connecting Schools Grant in 2021. This money was spent to update our bike/scooter track in our Kindy/PP area. The teachers concerned and Admin have been busy consulting with Carol-Ann, from the DoT, and Wes Hardingham. Unfortunately, the project has not yet begun. Watch this space for photos and updates as the work progresses.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Bett - the littlies will love that when it goes in! Make sure you give us an update when it is complete to receive your 40 points for the activity "Apply for a grant". Due to a system glitch you have received 90 points more than you should have at this stage - this is just a little heads up that these will probably disappear again down the track 🙄. Have a wonderful break and see you next term!

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