Our "News Desk" location has come to grief on a number of occasions, meaning we have had to start again. So it was much appreciated when Mrs Richardson, one of our lovely ladies in the Office, suggested the poster frame at the entrance to the Office Reception. A big Thank You, to Mrs Richardson, for coming to YM's News' rescue!

As a result, members of our Team are now "Publicity Officers" (ie responsible for updating the "news items" which we like to keep current) Thanks to Beau & the rest of the Team for adding this to everything else that happens.

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James (Your Move)

Kudos to Mrs Richardson, Beau and the Team! For the non-Warnbro insiders - could you explain the significance of green, blue and orange?

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Of course, James. Toes were coloured according to the mode of transport for the ATF class competition. Green for cycling/scooting, blue for walking & orange for public transport. The Team will be writing about the ATF comp soon!

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