Summer wrote about what is happening:

We are encouraging children & their families to walk to school on NWS2SD (Friday,19th May) so we are hosting 3 walks to school (from each of the Guarded Crossings at our school.)

We have invited some guest walkers along, including our local MLA, Paul Papalia & one of the local Councillors for the City of Rockingham, Deb Hamblin, who also happens to be the Deputy Mayor. Everyone joining us on our hosted walks gets a NWS2SD sticker & a lucky dip from our goodies bag.

We wrote letters of invitation to our guest walkers. We have also put up posters promoting both NWS2SD & our hosted walks on the day. At recess we will also be serving platters of fruit & vegetables, from funds provided by the City of Rockingham.

Kyal tells us WHY we are running this event:

To encourage people to walk to school, to have a fun day & walk safely. The reason we run it is to get people to join in events that are important. It is also getting kids active & healthy.

Cohen Mc. explains WHAT we are hoping to achieve:

Hopefully more people will walk to school & get active. If they enjoyed walking during our event, maybe they will do it again.

Mentor's note: and walking again might just turn into a GOOD HEALTHY habit!

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Some great ideas on what to do for Walk to School Day. Thanks Warnbro PS!

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Wow! Sounds like quite the event you have planned. What a good idea to have the three walks from each of the Guarded Crossings. Getting sponsorship from your local council and providing some delicious healthy platters is also a great idea. I think you've already inspired some other schools! Don't forget to let us know how it goes.

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Tracey & Jenny we are very fortunate that our local council sees the benefits of NWS2SD & for many years now has offered funding to host an event for the day. Better still if a school is a YM school there is some "icing on the cake" in the form of some extra dollars towards the event. Thank you, City of Rockingham!

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