This morning Jack & Juliette presented the YM report at Assembly. Here is their report:

Good morning everyone. The YM Champions for this Hands-Up are Room 4 with 52% AT & Room 14 with 50% AT. Well done everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school. We will now draw the raffle...

NWS2SD is Friday, 14-5-21. Join our hosted walks & enjoy a BBQ breakfast when you get to school. So, make sure to get your sticker on your way to school. We will also have the use of a blender bike for the day. Those who are chosen to ride the bike will be making delicious smoothies for our active travellers to enjoy.

Star Cards have started this term. We will be using the Star Cards to draw the lucky cyclists for the blender bike. So don't forget to use AT & be in the running to wheel your way to a smoothie. Well done all of you who chose AT on the first day of term (there were more than 60!) SCs will continue for the rest of the year. More ways to be active & happy!

Wheeling Wednesdays are back too. So many fun ways to be ACTIVE! WWs raffle winners...

Thank you & remember: Active Body Active Mind!

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Thanks, Natasha, we like to be busy. The blender bike is an all new experience for the Team! We will have the camera at the ready!

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