On our Bikes!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

I asked the Team to write recollections of our WalknWheel to School Day which was held last Friday, the last Friday of Bike Month.

Ruby & I were at the Currie St & Axminster Rd Guarded Crossing with Mrs Yates. Denis (Electoral Officer for our MLA, Paul Papalia) & Mayor Deb Hamblin were our guest walkers. We handed out stickers & let everyone who joined us, have a pick from our lucky dip bag. We wrote down name, year & room because we do a lucky draw from the hat afterwards for our Wonderful WalknWheelers. Everyone who joined our hosted walks got an extra Star on their Star Card. Emma

Today we did the lucky draws from the hat. We use numbers so we don't know who it is until we match it with the corresponding numbered name on the walk lists. So it's a surprise to all of us. At next week's assembly we will present our Wonderful WalknWheelers with their prize packs & certificates. Brianna

The reason we run WnW2SD is as an incentive for Active Transport & also we have had a walk day in Term 4 for a long time. Another reason is it is the last Friday of Bike Month. It used to be a walk day but we changed it to walk and wheel because it's Bike Month. Dylan

Back in August, we all chose our guest walkers & wrote invitations to them. We have 3 hosted walk locations so 2 of us are at each site. After our event we write thank you letters to our guest walkers. All the students who walk with us are written down on our lists which is how we find our Wonderful WalknWheelers. Ruby

Mr Withers was our helper, transporting the blender bike to school & setting it up for us. After everyone got to school they were able to enjoy a delicious mango smoothie made by riding the blender bike. Laghima

WnW2SD went really well & you might ask "What might happen as a result of the day?" People might just enjoy walking because by just taking a little time out of your day or morning, you get to enjoy nature. By walking or wheeling it is also making our environment healthier & safer for us. Kelly

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James (Your Move)

Great job, team! You have earned Warnbro another 40 points 😁 for your WNW2SD event and 25 points for sharing all your reflections. I like the ephemeral name change and that Mr Withers got the blender bike organised especially for Bike Month 😃.

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