Our Plan.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

As has become the custom, at the end of each year our outgoing & incoming Teams meet for a handover. Part of this handover is brainstorming ideas for the next year. The thinking behind this is that the outgoing Team can help the incoming Team make more informed decisions. Thoughts are shared & discussion takes place before the tentative plan is written down.

At the beginning of the next year the Team re-visits the proposed plan, reviews & then makes decisions. This is what we have done in the first 3 sessions this year. Below, our completed & agreed upon "master plan." Apart from unforeseen circumstances, the Team is ready to go with the goals, events & campaigns for 2022.

That having been said, we must remember & consider good old CIA because sometimes there are situations OUT of our control over which we have no influence & therefore have to accept the outcome (which may be something that we have planned can no longer occur.) The last couple of years have not only made us quite proficient in practising CIA but becoming very adept at being adaptable!

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