No room in the inn! (well no more room on our sign actually) So with Double Platinum sticker at the ready we waited patiently for our next sign to be delivered. And I'm sure it came express because within the week the new sign had arrived. Thank you Carol-Ann for the expeditious delivery! Below, our ecstatic Team proudly checking out our 2021 sticker on our new sign.

In the day to day, week to week, goings-on of YM you sometimes forget just HOW much has been done & achieved. The letter accompanying our DP sticker just reminded us: We posted 52 stories (so one per week for a calendar year!) Our 42% AT EOY was less than the goal the Team set but when viewed as being 17% above the the average of Perth schools, we can hold our heads high (well done, Team!) We earned plenty of points but we were also very keen to spend those points on Rewards for our school! We were able to access a $15 000 Connecting Schools Grant. All up we amassed $17 818 worth of rewards & grants!

And just as an aside, our Star Card uptake is 75% of the school & the Team is busy coming up with a proposal to take to the Principal, but lots of planning first. Those baby steps.... so it will be some time before we unveil another AT incentive in whichever form it eventuates.

The securing of the sign was another fine example of Team work, but that is a story for another day!

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James (Your Move)

WIth Warnbro achieving so many milestones over the past 5+ years with Your Move and even more with TravelSmart I'm sure, it is only fitting that you are the first school to celebrate the achievement of moving on to your second sign - well done everyone 😍. You have received 15 points for this celebration, plus 10 points for sharing all your achievments. Great to hear too that your Star Cards have such a good uptake. Staying tuned.... 😊

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Woo-hoo! Yes we were happy to celebrate moving onto our second sign. Sadly 2 of the Team were absent on the day but on their return they can share in the achievement.

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