Last Friday, we had our NWS2SD hosted walks. We had some special guests joining us on our walk. At recess we walked around the undercover areas with fruit & vegetable platters. It was all gone very quickly. When we got back to class that day we were all very happy that lots of people were wearing NWS2SD stickers. It was good that we were able to get some special guests to come to our walks. I didn't like the times when we got crowded by people (when we had the F & V platters).


On NWS2SD we had some special guests attend our hosted walks. They were  Warnbro MLA, Paul Papalia, our Principal, Mr Murdoch, Mrs Humphreys representing the P&C and City Of Rockingham Community Development Officer (Health & Well-being) Jessica Sankey. At Currie St we had 27 students plus parents & our guest walkers. At Warnbro Sound Ave, we had 16 students plus parents. Altogether we had more than 130 students choosing Active Transport with nearly 90 parents coming along for the walk to school.


Before NWS2SD we got everything ready, even the messages about it. We looked at the numbers today for NWS2SD. We found for NWS2SD  our AT numbers were more for most classes than for our normal Toesday counts. We would like NWS2SD numbers everyday!

The good things were there were a lot of guest walkers, parents & students celebrating NWS2SD.


On Friday, 20th May we (TS Team) hosted NWS2SD. I learnt that it is important that if you are crossing roads to look both ways, if you are little be with a parent & if you are riding your bike or scooter to walk it across the road.

Some of the good stuff was we got lots of people walking. The not so good stuff was Michaela & I were late. But it was a lot of fun.


On the 20th May, the TS Team organized an event for students to walk safely to school. The TS Team could have made the walk better by turning up at 8am sharp so we could be more organized, but we had lots of fun especially meeting Paul Papalia & Jessica Sankey. Thank you to everyone who participated in NWS2SD.

The good thing was we had a lot of students choose Active Transport & that everyone was happy about participating. Not so good stuff, was that some of the TS Team were not on time (about 8:15), that was a bit of a disappointment.


(Mentor's note: The tardiness of a couple of  the TS Team was quickly rectified as each apologised & got on with helping out! I think it was a lesson well-learnt. Thank you to the rest of the Team who were there spot on 8am and became all the extra hands I needed! Super effort, Team.)

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