Our Thoughts on Term 1, 2020.

Arlene Yates

This was to have been posted some weeks ago but stuff got in the way! Finally the Team's take on our busy first term.

Beau reflected: We couldn't complete our goal of 51% AT because COVID19 came & made us go home but if it didn't come we would have probably reached it or very close to it. It was very hard to do a HU because not many were at school so our HU were suspended. I believe that we would have done everything we planned . We had a very good start to T1. I hope in T3 we can achieve our goal.

Chloe pondered: In our Team we need to build on communication. We want to build on communication skills because during Bike Week when we were packing away we had a couple of communication difficulties like when we were packing away the RROF gear we just kept arguing about who should put what away. If we had split up the tasks maybe we would have packed up more quickly. We did a lot of things in Term 1, like lots of things during BW such as DYWs, R2SD & RROF. We also re-introduced Star Cards & Wheeling Wednesdays. They all went to plan. Next we hope to do another competition & focus on group skills & communication.

Ruby concludes: BW was great! It all went well because we worked really hard on planning the events. Luckily we did our events during BW because had we planned them for the following week it would have been disastrous due to COVID19 becoming more severe.

Mentor's note: Re-BW, I would suggest that maybe the arguing was a case of a very hectic week & just a tad tired! To be honest we were unaware of the arguing! Some keen observations Team. I'll be on the watch (& listen!) for clear articulation of ideas.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Beau, Chloe and Ruby! Your honest reflections are refreshing. Warnbro does seem to use more acronyms than the European Union, but it seems like you sort out your communication differences better than most politicians! You have earned 10 points for your detailed reflections, plus 5 points for the student perspective.

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