OUR Walk Safely to School Day 2024.

Arlene Yates

Above, we used our walk day to celebrate again, thanking our traffic wardens. So it was a double celebration!

On Friday, 17th May, we held our WS2SD. What glorious weather for walking to school! Our guest walkers enjoyed the beautiful weather too as they walked & chatted with our Team. Over to the Team for their take on the morning:

It was our W2SD on Friday, 17th May. We had a clipboard, pen, paper, stickers & prizes. We wrote down the students' names, rooms & what years they were in for a chance to one of our Wonderful Walkers. The best part was giving out stickers & prizes to the students. For me, the important part is everyone having fun & being active. Marlee

Our hosted walks were at Kingsbridge Rd & Fairmile St and at the Guarded Crossings at Axminster Rd & Fairmile St & Currie St & Axminster Rd. The best part was when I got to see everyone being active. Our WS2SD was important to me because I was part of it & it will help people be fit. Summah

This is what happened on WS2SD. Firstly, we wrote down everyone's name. Secondly, we walked from the Guarded Crossing at Currie St & Axminster Rd to school. Thirdly, fruit was available once you got to school. (this was provided by funds from the City of Rockingham, to celebrate the day) Today we drew a name out of the hat for each of our hosted walks. These Wonderful Walkers will receive their prize packs soon. The best part was meeting everyone who joined our hosted walk. We even had a dog walk with us! Our WS2SD was important to me because it was a fun way to get fit. Imogen

My guest walker was Paul Papalia, our local MP & his electorate officer, Denis Terrell. Ruby's guest walkers were Charice (our new Community Development Officer, Health & Wellbeing) & Jo, another Development Officer, both from COR. Gary, our gardener, helped us with the "walk" bag (holding all the goodies for a fun walk!) The best part was seeing everyone walking, riding & being active. The most important part for me was seeing everyone being so active because they were all trying to get fit. Jess

Mentor's note: written with aplomb Team! On the day you acquitted yourselves admirably. So proud of each of you. Thank you Jess for covering for Ruby who was on the sick list today. Part 2 (our Wonderful Walkers & more) coming soon!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hey Warnbro Your Move team! Thanks for the great story on your school's Walk Safely to School Day. It seems as though you really encouraged people to get out there and get ACTIVE. You also had a 'bit' of fun, so that's GREAT too!! 😉😉 You have earned 40 points for running the AT event, plus a further 25 points for all the thought and detail you put into this story. BTW, 3 June is World Bicycle Day if you're interested in getting kids riding their bikes to school on that day to celebrate! 🌏🚲🥳

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OOPS! WBD sounds fun but it's also WA Day so maybe everyone can ride a bike at home or around the place! Don't worry though Rebecca, we at Warnbro will be having our weekly Wheeling Wednesdays on you guessed it Wednesday!

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