Postscript to Leadership Labs

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The plan had been to post the visual diary of the 2 days but there have been some technical glitches with this, so I will practise CIA! (thanks James.)

In the meantime, as another postscript to Leadership Labs, the Team has been busy working on their pitch to the P&C President in a couple of weeks' time. Always working on ways to increase our Active Footprint, the Team's plan from the LL was to work in collaboration with the P&C to get a Walking School Bus up & running (walking!) Since then we have had a few discussions on a number of different "plans." At this stage I think we are up to Plan D so you could say we have a few irons in the fire! (always good to have a fallback position)

After some discussion at our COR YM school's networking, I brought back to the Team some suggestions from the adult champions (thanks, Carol-Ann & Penny!) These we then discussed further & came up with Plans A & B. At this week's session, Plans C & D were hatched.

Plan A: Start student initiated "neighbourhood" WSBs or in the Team's words junior WSBs. Each member of the Team worked on walking with a couple of other neighbours/ friends to school. It worked! So Team can use this in discussions with the P&C. This is now a work in progress.

Plan B: Use our Warnbro's WalknWheel2School Day in Term 4 to trial WSBs from each location.

Plan C: P&C sets up & runs a WSB with the Team collaborating in its setup.

Plan D: "Pester Power!" Trust me the Team came up with this! As we were discussing the best way to put our case as persuasively as possible for Plan C, Jack came up with another idea of maybe just asking/niggling parents to walk or cycle to school with their children (pester power!)

So next week we start to finetune the presentation/discussion. Watch this space for the outcome & the Team's responses!

Postcript: CIA: if you have no CONTROL & no INFLUENCE, then you must ACCEPT the situation. (& let it go!)

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James (Your Move)

I love all the contingency plans Arlene. I think by taking the LLs to the next level you have definitely earned your 25 points for the activity "Define your issues and make a plan" and 20 points for sharing every possible variation of that plan 😂. You have really hooked me in to see which variant wins on the day!

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