Putting our best feet ahead!

Arlene Yates

What is a little wet stuff? NOTHING to our intrepid walkers! A raincoat here & umbrella there, we were up for the challenge. And so it was a slightly damp morning for NWS2SD with numbers down due to the "wet stuff" but we had a solid core of walkers including all of our guest walkers ready for the rain.

Here is how the Team saw the day unfold:

We were going to run Walking School Buses but because of all the rain, we only had one (at Axminster & Currie St GC). I liked how even though it was rainy some people still walked with us, especially all our guest walkers! Dylan

Before NWS2SD, we planned who would be at each hosted walk site & what time we would need to be there. The guest walker I invited was Paul Papalia, MLA for Warnbro. The best part was when I got a picture with Paul Papalia. NWS2SD is important because it gets everyone active. Kelly

Our hosted walks on NWS2SD were at the Guarded Crossings at Axminster & Fairmile and Axminster & Currie St. Our other meeting point was at Fairmile & Kingsbridge. Talayah

On NWS2SD we had hotdogs, prizes & stickers! Mrs Hunter was a guest walker. She is our P&C President. The best part was when there were a heap of kids who walked to school. What I found important to me about NWS2SD was that there was a lucky dip so everyone joining our hosted walk got to have a pick, including me! Laghima

The best part of NWS2SD was walking with the people who came, even when it was raining so much. Thank you to Caroline Hume (COR Councillor) for walking with us. Brianna

And finally, Mr Mac & Gary (our gardener) cooking up a storm!

Mentor's note: Yes and it DID rain but that did not deter our walkers! Thank you to everyone who didn't mind a bit of the wet stuff & joined us despite it! In a nod to our core of walkers, the Team decided to credit them a bonus Star on their Star Cards. At the time of writing, Ruby was absent, so on her behalf, thank you to Deb Hamblin (COR Mayor) & Kieran Birney (COR Community Development Officer) for accepting Ruby's invitation to walk with her.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see those umbrella's out in force Arlene ⛈️+☔=🚶‍♀️+🚶=🥰! At first I thought Mr Mac & Gary where doing a duet on a grand piano 🤣. So much fun! So, you have all earned 40 points for your event, plus 25 for including your hosted walk. You also earned 20 points for another engaging story and 5 points for including the team's comments.

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