Q & A Comes to Warnbro

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Yesterday I literally took a back seat (to be photographer! oops girls where are our jazzy YM shirts?) to our Team. The Team was invited by the Year 3 children of Room 8 to share information about YM. So I sat back, inspired & so impressed with the way these students rose to the occasion, not having participated this type of forum before.

The children from Room 7 (also Year 3s) joined with Room 8 to ask questions ranging from "Why did you join YM?" to "What is your greatest achievement?" & "What has changed at WPS because of TS/YM?" plus many others. The answers were inspiring, thoughtful & displayed just how much this Team has developed leadership skills.

A constant thread throughout all of the responses was encouraging more to use Active Transport. Talking about Star Cards really piqued the interest of Room 8's teacher, Mrs Rumney, who asked for more details, which the Team readily supplied. One comment striking a chord with the adults present was that next year's Team be able to continue the efforts of past TS & then YM Teams.

Was I impressed & proud? You bet! And this Q&A was a great precursor to the Team's presentation to Year 4s & 5s next week,when we start the process of 2018 YM Team selection.

Footnote: You have probably noticed only 5 members of the Team. Cohen was unable to be there due to transition classes, but he joins us for the first 10 minutes of YM before he heads off, such is the teamwork ethic which is so evident in this group.

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Justine (Your Move)

Great job, Warnbro Your Move Student Team! It is so great that older students can demonstrate and share their passion for active transport with younger students who no doubt see them as awesome role-models. I wonder if this will inspire more of the Year Threes to want to walk, ride or scoot to school during the rest of Term 4.

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Let's hope so, Justine! Currently both Rooms 7 & 8 have been sitting on 50% & more AT on our Toesdays.

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