RAC Little Legends in spring

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

By now this was to have been done & dusted but with the situation out of our control, the visits to the senior classes were completed in the last week of Term 3. Here's the take from our Team:

When you go to get out of the car you should get out on the side where the path is. This back door is called the "safety door." We also played lots of different games about road safety like when you want to cross the road you need to stop, look, listen & think BEFORE crossing. Brianna

At the RAC incursion, we did all sorts of things. We had to know facts to win one of the games. We also played another game where we had to throw a ball up & catch it. We then added another ball & so on (keep adding an extra ball when you have caught the previous one/s) Every ball was a risk. The lesson we learnt was take a risk & suffer the consequence. Take more risks & there could be more consequences. I really like how people from the RAC come out to schools to teach us about road safety. Dylan

At the RAC incursion, I learnt that you can be fined $50 for not wearing a helmet. This is important because I didn't know that & sometimes I forget to put my helmet on so I need to remember to do so in the mornings. Brody

At the RAC incursion, one thing I learnt was to wear a helmet when you're riding, scooting or skateboarding or else you can get a fine of $50. The most important thing was you have to be 16 to ride an electric scooter or electric bike. Laghima

Mentor's note: more importantly than a fine, you want to keep your head safe, Brody & Laghima, but I think you both have realized the importance of wearing your helmet.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brianna, Brody, Dylan and Laghima - thanks so much for sharing the fun you had with the RAC team (and great to know you learned lots of important things too 😁). Warnbro PS has earned 25 points for the incursion, plus 15 points for the reflections from the team members and Mrs Yates. Have a wonderful first week back 😊.

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