RAC Little Legends visits Warnbro.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Our YM Team summarises Little Legends visiting last week:

Last week the Little Legends came to my class, Rm 11. We learned about road safety. The main feature was the passengers & seatbelts. Mark talked to us about what can cause car accidents. Then he showed us 2 clips. One was called Shelly & Egg. This showed what happens when a car hits a pole or a passenger is talking while Egg is driving. Lots of eggs cracked. The other clip was of a truck rolling down a hill with mannequins in it. One had a seatbelt on & the other didn't. The one not wearing a seatbelt flew out the window. Afterwards we played a game on the computer where you have to watch out for things in front of you & stop at a crosswalk. Then we played a game outside where the character rolled in the car & we saw what happened when he wore a seatbelt & when he didn't. Taihleia reviewing the Year 4 LL component.

Last week the RAC came to our school to promote road safety. We did a quiz about road safety. We also watched a video about a truck that had 2 test dummies in it. One wore a seatbelt & the other didn't. The dummy not wearing a seatbelt went through the window. We also played a video game where we had to touch all the potential dangers for a human. We could choose to be Chip, Ash, Jack or Mei. At the end we all got certificates to show that we played the game. We learned about road safety. Cohen C, Cohen McL & Kyal reviewing the Year 5 LL component.

Last week the RAC came to our school & talked to us about road safety, especially that we should always wear our seatbelts. We were shown a video where there were 2 dummies in a truck. One wore a seatbelt & the other didn't. The truck was rolled down a hill. Then we played a game outside with solar powered cars. We learnt to look carefully when we are going to cross the road. Also to look where we are heading & looking for cars. Summer & Katrina reviewing the Year 6 LL component.

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Thanks Arlene, Taihleia, Cohen C, Cohen McL, Kyal, Summer & Katrina, sounds like you learned a lot about road safety.

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