Random Raffle Ticket Days

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Kyal came up with the idea to run RRT days this term. So we set him the task of planning & setting the RRT days. Here is Kyal's plan:

We're doing this to give people a second chance & encourage them to walk (or ride or scooter) to school anyday of the week NOT just Toesdays (Tuesdays.) The YM Team is running the event on 3 different days this term. We have written them in our calendars. We will each stand at one of the three entrances: the main gate, sports shed/oval & Room 2 entrances. We will list everyone using AT (name & room). At the following YM session, we will use the lists to write raffle tickets. All raffle tickets earn stars on our Star Cards.

Mentor's note: Kyal came up with this idea earlier in the year & I suggested that we do it when we had time to plan it out. Last week (first week back!) I set Kyal the task of doing the planning & coming back this week with his proposal. Today he went through the dates & then we discussed the How to. All sorted! Impressive & well done Kyal. After the third RRT day we will de-brief on how it all went. Watch this space (but later in the term!)

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Justine (Your Move)

Another "Well done" Kyal from us here at Your Move, for showing some great initiative. Very keen to see how this works in with your standard Star Card scheme, and how it might encourage more students :)

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