As soon as the TS Team have got NR2SD under control, (read posters done & on display, classes spoken to AND the Team ready for the day!), we can get onto all the other "stuff" that is  important to keeping us focused and on task. The display board is ALL ready with the "stuff," like our planner, our goals, assembly roster, Warnbro Walker Term1.

(Mentor's Note: What a great start to the TS year. I am so pleased again to be working with another wonderful group of students. The plan is to "tick off" the NR2SD promotional gear next week and  then start making headway with our guidelines  as  displayed above. Stay tuned for introductions, coming soon.)

Arlene Yates.

These handy TS posters will guide us and keep us on track, enabling us to see HOW and WHERE we are going.

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