Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Today the Team pitched presentations to the Year 4s & 5s in the recruitment drive for 2023.

Hi, I'm Brody & I joined the YM Team in the middle of the year. I have learnt lots of skills like becoming more organised & being confident speaking in front of crowds. We are looking for creative people because we often design posters for our events. Some benefits are that you get cool shirts to wear & a folder with all our gear. Brody

Hi my name is Ruby & I am part of the YM Team. Being part of the YM Team you build up your confidence to speak at Assemblies, discuss ideas with the Principal & with the Team. You have to be prepared to use your lunchtime for meetings so you can plan cool campaigns & activities for the school. YM points funded the bike & scooter racks. You definitely need to be prepared & organised for activities & events. I hope you will apply to join the 2023 Team & become an amazing Team member. Thank you for listening. Ruby

At the end of last year, I decided to try out for the YM Team. Being in the YM Team can help you develop the confidence to speak in front of people. Being part of the YM Team has helped me learn new skills like working in a team to plan campaigns & events. I hope you will try out for the YM Team. Briannna

Last year I applied to be in the 2022 YM Team. Throughout this year we have run events such as DYWs & NWS2SD & many more. We accomplished this by having weekly meetings every Monday lunchtime. We even came up with our own events. Like this year, Laghima suggested DUAYFA. After hearing all of the fun things that you get to do in YM, we encourage you to join. Kelly

Hi, my name is Laghima. I joined YM because since I was little I wanted to wear a badge. So I put my hand up to join. Since I have been part of the YM Team, I have been more organised. I even suggested an event (DUAYFA). Most importantly I have overcome my fear of stage fright. I hope you apply to be part of the 2023 YM Team. Laghima

Since joining the YM Team, I have developed a lot of skills like being more organised & being able to talk in front of a lot of people. But the best part is that the YM Team gives back to the school. An example is the bike racks. Points earned by the YM Team funded the racks where you park your bike. Being part of the YM Team is an amazing experience & I hope you will apply. Dylan

Mentor's note: WOW! This "pitch" resulted from a round table discussion before the Team got down to putting pen to paper. (I would also suggest that literacy skills have been honed while Your Moving!) As to Laghima's ardent wish to wear a badge, yes she does but I KNOW that she has achieved so much more than that!

The next step now is to review the applications when they come in & then short list prospective applicants. Then once the final decision is made, there will be a handover from outgoing to incoming Teams, where TAGs (Tip, Advice, Good wish) are read & brainstorming for 2023 occurs. Our 2022 Team is integral to each of these steps.

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James (Your Move)

I always love these insights into the perceived benefits of being involved - badges, skills and giving back to the school - all valid reasons to get involved in Your Move 😁! The team have earned themselves 40 points and Mrs Yate has earned another 20 for giving us another good read!

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