Reflecting on 2020...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

It's that time of year when we look back on what has happened...

The highlight for me would have to be the events we ran because I made new friends & met new people. One good thing was having fun with others in the Team. The best was always getting to know more people. The thing I'm taking with me is the phrases Mrs Yates uses. My good wish for the 2021 Team is good luck being the best you can. Beau

The highlight was WalknWheel 2 School Day. It was kind of fun knowing who comes to the Guarded Crossings. The good thing was lots of new vocabulary. The not so good was giving up lunchtime every week but it's a sacrifice you make to be in the Team. The best was WnW2SD which I elaborated in the highlight. Something I learnt that I will take with me is how to be a leader in future years. Luke

Bike Week was the highlight for me. The good was I got to socialise with people & got to know them. The not so good was that I sometimes forgot Wheeling Wednesdays. The best was I was motivated to use AT more. Something I learnt was how to manage my time better. Ruby

The highlight of the year has definitely been the improvement of my vocabulary & a Team highlight has definitely been improvement in teamwork. Something that was not so good was the little disagreement during Ride Run Obstacle Fun. Something I learnt was that there is more to the YM Team than just AT! Chloe

Since I only joined the YM Team in the middle of the year, I don't know all the parts of being in the YM Team but I know quite a bit. Something I've learned whilst being part of the Team is the importance of AT. I've learned the change it can make in the environment. The highlight of being part of this fabulous Team is how much I have improved in my health. Walking to school has made me more healthy & it clears my mind. The good part of being in the Team is the amount of interaction in the Team. It's helped me to be more active (you also get out of class!) I love the Team & coming to meetings. One thing I slightly dislike though is speaking at Assemblies. I'm a bit shy when it comes to public speaking. It feels great afterwards though. The best thing is making new friendships with people in the Team & teaching others the benefits of being active. It feels great teaching your family & peers things they don't know. After this year, I'll continue being active because I've learned the importance of it. My good wish for the 2021 Team is that they will understand everything & learn something new every week. Hopefully you'll take something with you such as happy memories. Miranda

Mentor's note: Inspiration PLUS! The honesty of youth! Thank you Team for a wonderful year. YM is just SO MUCH more than AT as these reflections attest. (With Milly having been absent today, her reflections will be noted next time.)

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James (Your Move)

Friends, leadership skills, active travel, teamwork, a clear mind - apart from a "little disagreement" what is not to like! Ah that vocabulary of Mrs Yates - always make me smile to hear about that - I wonder if she used words like "bamboozlement" 😂. You have earned 15 points for your team reflection, plus 10 for another fine read, and 5 for all the student input!

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Hmm... bamboozlement... another for the repetoire! Thank you, James. And interestingly, by working as the YM Team, the "little disagreement" blossomed into friendship, respect & honesty. Ah from the ashes.....

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