Reflecting on 2022.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Each year I ask the Team to reflect back over the year. Here are the insights:

The highlight was being a school leader & seeing people happy. The good was making friends & developing better teamwork skills. The not so good was losing Monday lunchtimes but it's all worth it in the end. The best thing is it is always a happy place & we get along with each other. I learnt to use improvisation skills when things got tough. My good wish for the 2023 Team is enjoy every little detail. Kelly

The highlight was Dress up as Your Favourite Animal event. It was fun & lots of people joined in. The good was Dylan & I got to do lots of things together even though we aren't in the same class. The not so good was when Paul Papalia nor his assistant could make WnW2SD. The best thing was that YM gave me confidence to apply to be a student councillor. I learnt to be more organised & I'm getting better at speaking clearly. My good wish for the 2023 Team is have fun being involved in YM. Brody

The highlight for me was being able to work in such a wonderful Team. The good thing was we came up with our own event. The not so good was when we had to do a speech & some members were away. The best thing was that we got to do lots of events throughout the year. I have learnt a lot throughout the year such as speaking in front of a group of people. My good wish is to enjoy the Team & make lots of friends. Brianna.

Something that stands out for me was when I was talking on the microphone without trembling. The good thing about YM is that it helps with your routine, like last year I would often forget things (like my pencil case) but this year in YM I have been more organised. The not so good is that you have to give up your Monday lunchtimes but it is totally worth it! The best thing is that we design posters & come up with new ideas, like when I suggested DUAYFA. Something I learnt was that what it's like to be a badge wearer & how to handle things more easily. To the 2023 YM Team, I wish you good luck & hope you are very responsible leaders who do lots of kind things even when no one is watching. Laghima

I think the highlight of the year was that Laghima suggested an event called Dress up as Your Favourite Animal & we could actually run it! Not everyone participated but lots did & I think that's amazing. A good thing that happened this year was that I made friends & that we could run events. The worst part was when one of the Team left half way through the year. The best thing is that Mrs Yates is an amazing teacher & is very nice. I will remember always to be organised & ready to work so we get the most out of our YM sessions. My good wish for the 2023 Team is that I am so happy that I got to be part of this & I hope the 2023 Team loves this as much as I have. Dylan

My highlight was Decorate Your Wheels. I loved helping all the students decorate their wheels. It was fun to see everyone come early with their bikes & scooters. One of the good things was when I got to meet the Mayor. She was so kind & I would love to see her again. The not so good was missing a few YM sessions. I felt bad for letting the Team down. One of the best things was when Miss Murray said we could run DUAYFA. I have learnt to be more organised & remember things. It is a really good skill to remember & be organised. My good wish for the 2023 YM Team is that they enjoy it as much as I did. Ruby

Mentor's note: Some interesting points & reflections by this year's Team. The YM year is always busy but enjoyable & reading the Team's reflections of the year is inspiring. Thank you Team; an honour & privilege to guide you during 2022.

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James (Your Move)

There are some brilliant keywords in there: Happy place, improvisation skills, confidence, organised, badges (again 😁), friends, putting own ideas and plans into action. Thanks for sharing all these insights Arlene - in turn I always pass these on to the wider team in case they have missed the story. These "perceived benefits" (and some barriers!) are very helpful to us. You and the team have earned 15 points for taking the time to reflect and 25 points for sharing it all with us 😊.

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I agree, James, some very sage words by our Team. All I give them are guidelines ( the good, not so good....) & these are the very considered offerings! Yes it is a happy place!

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