Reflecting on 2023.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Each year I ask the Team to reflect on the past year. Here are those reflections:

The highlight of YM is that we had the goal of making the school a healthier place is done by persuading everyone to use AT (walking, scooting, cycling & public transport.)The good for me was that you get to experience new things & most things we planned were GOOD! The down side was that we had prepared a detailed letter for a special lunch but did not get a reply to our queries & Miss Murray wasn't able to meet with us. The best thing about YM is that you get to do lots of new things like participating in assemblies, talking with new people & lots of fun jobs. Something I learnt this year is that if you work as a team everything is easier to achieve. Something else I learnt is to deal with crowd fear. All I have to do is pick a spot to look at & slow down on what I am saying. My good wish for the 2024 Team is I hope you have fun & make lots of new friends. Laghima

The highlight of this year was meeting amazing people & having fun experiences. The good was doing fun events & bonding with everyone. The not so good for me was when invited guest walkers did not turn up. The best thing was gaining more confidence & being comfortable with public speaking. Something I learnt (& will take with me after this year) is that you may not like someone but you don't have to be rude. Learn to work co-operatively to gain the best result. My good wish for the 2024 Team is to enjoy your year & have fun. Kelly

I would say the highlight of the year would be our Incidental Incentives since this was the only Team ever to do them. I have learnt responsibility, initiative & kindness. The not so good was when we did not get a response to our letter for a reward lunch. My favourite part was NWS2SD when we got to use the blender bike. This year I learnt that even if you do something amazing you still might be able to make it better. My good wish is to try your best, show respect & have fun. Dylan

The highlight for me this year was all the little incentives we did for our 10th year of YM at our school. The good was we achieved most of our goals, especially reaching Double Platinum plus we had lots of fun during all the planning & organizing. The not so good was not everyone was always able to be at our meetings because they were sick. The best thing was all the events we did, we got to meet people we invited & giving out stickers & prizes. One thing I learnt was that working on the littlest things make bigger things happen. My good wish is to enjoy every part of the year because it is so much fun working with Mrs Yates & the Team. Emma

The highlight this year was being able to work & have fun with this amazing Team. The good was we achieved the goals we set at the beginning of the year. The not so good was not being able to run Dress up as Your Favourite Animal this year. The best thing was being the first school to receive the corflutes & being able to decide where they went & then place them around the school. My good wish is to have lots of fun & enjoy every minute of YM. Brianna

There are so many highlights of this year, including Decorate Your Wheels where we helped everyone to make their wheels look great & NWS2SD. The good were things like getting to know our Team, doing events & getting to eat my lunch early. The not so good was when we forgot about Fun Feet Friday. Another not so good was when our numbers were really down & we had LOTS to do The best thing is when we get EVERYTHING finished on time! Something I have learnt & will take with me after this year is that I am now organised. My good wish for the 2024 Team is to reach Double Platinum & all get along. Ruby

Mentor's note: Every year I ask the Team to consider the year & every year I am blown away by the considered comments & this year was no exception. It has been an honour & my pleasure to work with such an outstanding Team of young people. I wish them all very well as they each tread a new path to high school (& Y6) & beyond.

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James (Your Move)

So many highlights and I'm very happy to read that working with Mrs Yates is one of them 😃. I hope that Mrs. Yate's reliability makes up for the disappointment of the the apparent lack of reliability of some other adults 😬. Well done everyone for another brilliant year of YM at Warnbro. You have earned 15 points for taking the time to reflect and 25 points for sharing so much here.

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