Reflecting on Term 1.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

I gave the Team a tricky assignment today: HOW have we gone so far? Here are the responses.

Tori observed: I'm hoping that we can get up to more than half of the school returning Hands-Up sheets on time. I think we are doing pretty well at getting everything ready & getting things we need to do done.

Hayleigh, Jared & Mitchell shared these ideas:We have gone pretty good so far. Next term I would like to tell classes to hand in H-U surveys in on time because it is the right thing to do! We have done Bike Week & now I'm excited about NWS2SD.

Charli wrote: I think we should build on telling classes on PA messages to make sure to return H-U surveys on time. I think this term we have worked great especially when it was DYWs & RROF because we had a plan of what we were going to do. Next term will be really fun because of all the new projects we'll get to do.

Ashleigh offered: So far we have gone really well considering we were really busy. This term we have worked well as a team on getting things done & the events went well. We need to improve on getting all H-U surveys in & making sure the teachers send them to us. Next term will be very interesting as we have NWS2SD & I'm very super excited. We all get to walk with someone special.

Mentor's note: What a great effort,Team! We are so proud of you & the teamwork you have used to ensure that your planned events succeeded. Looking forward to great Term 2.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Arlene. Your term reflection (with student content) has earned you bonus points! It's great to see the value of a team effort with the different (and some common) ideas from different members.

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Yes James I noted too common threads running through observations besides some differing ideas. We have found student teams are invaluable in promoting AT but (for me) more importantly the development of leadership & confidence-building that YM (& previously TS) enhances.

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James (Your Move)

It's always helpful for the YM team at Transport to know what outcomes are valued by participants so thanks so much for sharing that Arlene.

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