Reflections of the 2018 YM Year

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Towards the end of each year, we ask our Team to reflect individually about the YM year.

The highlight was doing the Ride Run Obstacle Fun. I liked working as a team.The good thing was earning the points to order the bike racks. The not so good was speaking in front of crowds. The best thing was taking part in the YM video. Something I learnt was to remember my stuff so I can get everything done. My good wish for the 2019 Team is that I hope you have fun & enjoy YM. Mitchell.

The highlight for the Team was when we participated in the YM video. The good thing about being in a YM Team is encouraging others to use Active Transport. The not so good was being really busy all the time.The best thing about being in the YM Team was actually reaching Double Platinum.What I learnt was that it is hard being a leader because you are busy doing jobs. My good wish for the 2019 Team is that you'll enjoy yourselves! Charli.

The highlight of our year was when we did the events because we saw everyone's smiling faces & joy in their eyes. The good thing was that we all worked together as a team to make sure people were having fun while being active. We had a few hiccups along the way & we were sometimes late to meetings but we got through it. The best thing was the Ride Run Obstacle Fun & that we reached Double Platinum. I learnt that to make this all work is to work as a team & make sure no one is left behind. My good wish for the 2019 Team is reach Double Platinum & have a lot of fun! Tori.

The highlight was reaching Double Platinum. I haven't been here for long but that was the highlight for the Team. For me, the good was helping people use AT & be safe. After we went class to class telling people to not go through the teachers' carpark, I saw a lot doing the right thing & being safe! The not so good for me was missing out on the video because I joined after that was done. The best thing was judging the Winter Fun Cover-up competition. Something I learnt was AT makes you a healthier & happier person. My good wish for the 2019 Team is to have fun in the YM Team & enjoy yourself. Carolina.

The highlight was being in a video showing our school active equipment as well as making a scene showing how to come to school using AT. The good is encouraging others to use AT & being recognised by our YM shirts. The not so good was having to rush sometimes to complete everything in our session. The BEST thing was being a leader, running assemblies, running fun activities & reaching Double Platinum. I learnt how to work in a group better than I used to & also how to use AT more than the car. Ashleigh.

Mentor's note: There we have it; some very perceptive comments by our Team about 2018. Every year I read little gems that shine so brightly & make me feel so privileged to have had the honour of working with these amazing young people. Thank you, Team!

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David (Your Move)

Thanks for reflections guys, great to hear your enthusiasm for promoting active transport! I'm happy to say that doing the video was one of my highlights this year as well! I'll be showing the final videos to Arlene next Tuesday!

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James (Your Move)

A really nice reflection on the year Mitchell, Charli, Tori, Carolina, Ashleigh, and of course.... Arlene! This one almost slipped through the net, but we got it and you have received 10 extra points for all the details and 5 for student input!

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