Reporting on Decorate Your Wheels

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

With the business of Bike Week concluded, the Team had time to reflect on what happened last week.

Here is Jared's & Hayleigh's report on DYWs:

We had 2 groups: Junior & Middle/Senior. There were about 20 competitors in Junior & about 10 in Middle/Senior. We had lots of different designs but most were bikes & scooters. It was hard judging because of the great entries. The best thing was there was a good amount of competitors to choose from. The not so good was some entries arriving late! It could have been better with more entries.

Mentor's note: The Team did plenty of promotion leading up to the day (posters, talking to classes.) There would have been more entries had some not dallied with getting to DYWs (& hence arriving AFTER judging!) On the day, the work ethic was excellent. The Team worked as a collaborative group, completing all that needed to be done on time. Well done, Team!

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James (Your Move)

Good to see your "continuous improvement" in practice - thanks for sharing.

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