Reporting on Ride Run Obstacle Fun.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Ashleigh & Charli compiled the following report. Thank you to our roving helper & photographer on the day, Mrs Glascott, who was such a great help to us.

There were 3 sections to the course: scootering, cycling & running. There were 3 divisions: PP/Y1, Y2/3 & Y4/5/6. Last year there were too many people all at once, so by breaking into divisions, we thought it might work better. It did! We had PP/1s before recess, 2/3s after recess & 4/5/6s straight after that. RROF finished off BW, on NR2SD, Friday 23rd March.

Ms Riley & the YM Team organized the course. Jared's Mum was a really big help, helping out wherever she was needed. Teams of 6 were made up of 2 scooters, 2 bikes & 2 runners. After lunch, the lucky dip winners were announced. (All teams went in the draw for a lucky dip.) We drew 1 team from each division. Everyone in the team got to pick a prize from the lucky dip bag. During one of our YM sessions before BW, we picked some stuff from our prize box for the lucky dip bag. The lucky dip was just for fun!

Last year was our first go at RROF. It went much better this year because we decided to break it into divisions. Mrs Yates reckoned it went like clockwork! We think RROF was successful because there were more than 200 participants. It could be even better if EVERYONE joined in!

Mentor's note: It DID go like clockwork, due to good planning & team-work. The YM Team was busy the whole time. Well done, Team! Following some action shots from the day.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the team update on your RROF day. It's good to know that you made some successful changes to last year's format.

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