Ride Run and Obstacle Fun!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

There were 3 different sections/parts: scooters, bikes & running. There were 2 of us at each part. We also had teachers there to help. Ashleigh.

There were 6 kids in each team. Each team comprised 2 scooters, 2 bikes & 2 runners. RROF was held in school time & the different age groups (PP/1, 2/3 &4/5/6) were at different times. The times were after Assembly, after Recess & after lunch. Ms Riley designed the course but the YM Team did all the setting up & packing away. We helped at each part of the course. Shyloh

After the event we got to have a turn on the obstacle course because we didn't get a chance during the event. A "lucky" team was drawn from each group at Monday's Assembly. Members of the lucky teams were able to pick something from the YM Prize box. YM ran the event to get kids excited for the day with riding & running. It was also the last day of Bike Week for us. Lurren.

All of the prizes were from the Rewards Shop. We had lucky team prizes to make RROF even more fun. Charlotte.

RROF was successful because it was all planned out & we knew what we were doing. We had talked about it & been planning 2 weeks before the event. It was an amazing day & no one crashed or got hurt. Ashleigh.

Mentor's note: Mighty effort,Team! You hardly stopped at all during the event, what with showing the way, moving/packing away gear & ferrying other stuff back & forth, and all with a smile. Super Team-effort! (photos coming!)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Warnbro YM Team! It seems you had a great day of dodging and weaving - was it part of Ride to School day, or was that held on a different day? I imagine you have a few more stories up your sleeves for Bike Week, so I'll just have to wait and find out!

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Thanks, James. I'll get one of the Team to write a story about how R2SD was incorporated into the Team's busy BW schedule! Coming next week.

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