Ride Run Obstacle Fun.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The following is the report of the day by our YM Team.

In RROF most of the school joined into teams of 6. There were 2 runners, 2 riders & 2 scooterers. Each member of the team had a different part of the obstacle course to get through. One part of it was set up of cones for the riders & there were tennis balls on top (of the cones.) You had to place it from one cone to the next in a pattern. Another one was cones set up in a zig zag for scooters. They had to weave through it. It was the same course set up next to it but with more cones. All these events were great fun. Angelina.

Teams had to get together by themselves & then they got their entry forms from us. They had to have entry forms in by Friday 17th March. The teams had to have 2 scooters, 2 runners & 2 bikers. It was held on Friday, 24th March. The weather was sunny, hot & bright. Kyal.

Thank you to Ms Riley & Mr Griffin for organizing the event and thank you to the teachers for helping too. When the event was over we sat back in our classes & we (YM Team) drew lucky winners (using the entry forms) for a pick from our special RROF prize box. Koen.

We ordered all the cool prizes with our points. We ordered spokey dokes, backpacks, water bottles & shoe pets. We gave out prizes because we wanted to congratulate everyone who took part & gave it their all. Cohen C.

We ran the event because we thought it would be alot of fun, like it was. We have been thinking of doing it for quite a while so we decided to finish off Bike Week with RROF. It was successful because the Team, teachers & parents worked together. I think we could improve it if we had more events & a little more time. Cohen Mc.

OOPS! Everyone was so busy we forgot about photos! Next year we will have a designated photographer.

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