Rockingham Your Move Showcase

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

Well, we did it and all who attended and participated thought it was a great success. Our team had this to say -

On 3 September 2019 the Your Move team attended the first Rockingham Show case at the Gary Holland Community Centre. We told others about how we plan events. We showed them how we have planned for our new event Wheelie Wednesdays. I was proud of our presentation. I really enjoyed the inspirational talk by Dr. Jane about gratefulness. The one thing I would change would be to have our presentation on a power point. - Charlie.

I think we answered all the questions well. We had already thought about some of the questions we may be asked, so we were prepared for them. I enjoyed listening to the other school presentations. They seemed a lot more confident than we were. - Keithah

I thought giving out some prizes at the end of our presentation was a good idea. Next time our team need to speak up a bit louder but it was good besides that. - Charlotte

I was proud that I actually went on the stage. I was really nervous because I don't usually like talking to people I don't know. Sadly, we had one of our team who was sick. So we had to decide who was saying what at the last minute. - Lurren

I thought Baldivis Community High School made a good presentation because it was organised well. The food was good because there was popcorn. - Ferdinand

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone! From all accounts it was a real wizzbanger of a day. I really like your honest reflections on the workshop and your presentation and I'm particularly happy that you were kept well fed with the popcorn. You received 50 points for attending a YM workshop plus another 40 for your presentation. Bonus points included 10 for it being such a good read and 5 for including such stimulating student comments.

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So proud of you, Team! I second James comments about learning from the experience. I particularly liked your anticipation of possible questions & being prepared for them. Great strategy! You have also been able to evaluate your presentation & find ways to make it even better. You have learnt so much about yourselves & about working as a team. I knew you would enjoy Dr Janes presentation. She is an inspiring lady! Lastly well done with your positive comments about other presenters.

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