Rockingham Your Movers Meet.

Arlene Yates

Yesterday afternoon YM schools in the City of Rockingham met for the term networking session. There was plenty of healthy discussion on NWS2SD, planning & how to try & sort ways to make YM more easily workable for teachers trying to do it on their own. One of the great things is the amount of positive support that emanates from these sessions.

We welcomed "newbie" Abby (Baldivis Gardens PS) & in true Rockingham fashion, Sue (CPS) helped her navigate the website after we concluded the meeting. Carol-Ann (DoT) joined us via Zoom to give us the good oil on the Term 2 Boost. Penny (COR) our networking facilitator, outlined the survey we had completed & proposals resulting from that.

As a result of the survey, Penny is about to put together a project plan with the aim of delivering:

  • Buddy system to assist struggling schools
  • Wayfinding pavement signage
  • Bike Month incentive funding

Our Team has done preliminary planning on buddy champions & teams. CoR YM schools have signage which by virtue of age is deteriorating so the plan is to install a more robust form with YM schools' input into the design. The BM incentive would be similar to what is offered for NWS2SD.

All in all, some very productive outcomes. Thanks CoR & thank you Penny for co-ordinating us. Secondly, thank you Carol-Ann for championing us & helping us along the Active pathway. Lastly, thank you to our schools who "walk the walk" in promoting Active Travel.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Arlene. These CoR network meetings are such good value. I agree that Penny is doing a great job there. Excellent to hear about her 3 pronged action plan. It is also good to hear about all the peer assistance going on. You have earned 25 point for your involvement and a bonus 20 for sharing all the good oil with us!

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Yes James these once a term sessions are invaluable if only for the catch up with likeminded people promoting AT but of course there is so much more to these sessions as we find out when we attend! We are fortunate to have the support of CoR.

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