Selecting a Student Team?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Have been reading that some schools are in the process of student selection for their YM Teams. Over the last few years, we have devised an "application form" which we have used to help us select students for our YM Team. Our selections are made at the end of the year, so that we can affect a handover & hence be ready to get started first thing at the beginning of the following year. In our experience we have found this to work very effectively.

The "application form" really is an evolving piece because each year prior to Team selections, the YM Team look at the questions and make decisions on HOW we can make the form better. Sometimes it is just one word to be changed, other times adding or deleting a question; so really a work in progress.

We would like to offer this Your Move Student Team ApplicationĀ form for schools to use. Please amend to suit your particular circumstances at your school. By the way, our YM Team assist the adults in the selection of the following year's Team. It is an excellent example of critical thinking & decision-making.

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Great initiative to involve the students in the application and selection process. Has the new team come online for 2018 already? 😊

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We are getting there, but something called Bike Week is taking up most of our time with planning of events at present! Our Team is about to put together introductions over the next few weeks, as soon as we come up for air! We have also started discussing goals & time lines, so have been just a little busy!

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Hope the your move team have been doing good this year!! I bet they've been missing my daughters!!

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