I asked the Team to look back over Terms 1 & 2. Here are the takes on Semester 1 2023:

Events we have done are DYWs on 24-2-23 & NR2SD on 26-3-23 in T1. In T2 we ran NWS2SD on 19-5-23 where we invited guest walkers to join us to walk to school. We also borrowed the blender bike from the City of Rockingham to make smoothies. Laghima

During T1 we achieved Bronze which is 100 points & Silver (300 points). In Week 5 of T2 we reached Gold (600 points) So far we have over 60% of the school participating in Star Cards. Our aim is for 75% SC participation so we are definitely well on our way! Kelly

2023 has been a very special year for the YM Team because this is our 10th year as a YM school. As a result we have been running Incidental Incentives which we started in second term. These include FFF(Fun Feet Friday), FI BD (First in, Best Dressed), Random Wednesday Lucky Dip & Double Take Assemblies. Dylan

I am happy with our achievements this semester. In T1 our Junior Champion HU classes were Rooms 4 & 7. R4 was HU Champion 6 times & R7 once. In the Senior classes Rooms 10, 11, 14 & 16 all shared Champion status. R14 was champion 3 times with R11 twice & Rooms 10 & 16 once each. Our most consistent Champions were Junior R4 (6 out of 7 times) & Senior R14 (3 out of 7 times.) R4's average AT was 30% with R14's being 54%. Emma

We reached Bronze in February, our first week at school. We aimed to achieve Silver by Week 5 of T1 but ended up reaching it in Week 8. The goal was to reach Gold by the end of T1 but this took us a little longer, achieving Gold in Week 5 of 2nd term. Laghima

Mentor's note: 2 of the Team were absent today so in the usual "Team" style, the others picked up the "slack" & ran with it! (code for pitched in & did EXTRA). I wished the Team a very well deserved holiday as we finished RIGHT on the bell to go to class! (this small band of dedicated students has given up every Monday lunchtime during Semester 1 besides time given to events & incidental incentives) Well done Team. So very proud of you.

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James (Your Move)

Great to read such diverse reflections on the semester. It is interesting to see how you have all progressed on your Star Card and accreditation targets. You have earned 15 points for taking the time to reflect and 20 points for sharing it all here!

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