So How ARE We Going?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

We have had a look at our Term 3 Hands-Up data for our Warnbro Walker. We decided to track Active Transport for some of the classes from our previous review back in May. Below, Term 3's AT compared to May.

  • Room 2 28% (May 34%)
  • Room 5 35% (May 36%)
  • Room 11 45% (May 51%)
  • Room 14 63% (May 70%)

Well done, Room 14 as a clear AT winner. The wet weather seems to have had an impact with the other classes. So the thinking is, next year do we have a lot of incentives to braving the challenge of wet weather (eg back pack "raincoats," umbrellas on offer)?

This then got us thinking at looking at these classes & overall results so far for this year. So, average AT participation rates for the year so far:

  • Room 2 30%
  • Room 5 34%
  • Room 14 60%

You will notice that Room 11 is not mentioned because a couple of H-U did not get handed in! So we felt that that result (51%) would rather mis-represent the true data. Well done to Rooms 2, 5 & 14 for consistently returning H-U EVERY WEEK on time!

Still room for improvement but the real upside for us is that the participation rate (ie return of H-U) has improved (61% return). This means we do get a clearer picture of how we ARE going. And even better, the participation rate among our Junior classes has improved. Those Star Cards could HAVE something to do with it. Our last H-U for this term saw Room 5 with a 50% AT rate; GREAT effort by our Year 1/2 class.

So all in all, although we can always improve, there are lots of positives to be found. Well done, Team.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your extensive reflection on your regular active travel day. You've earned 15 points for your reflection plus a bonus 15 for the extensive analysis of your travel behaviour change results. It's great to see that the Warnbro PS team, continues to learn from their experience!

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