So HOW DID we go? (1)

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

I believe this term we went pretty well since we nearly have some Super Star Carders (SC complete), we achieved Platinum, we launched corflutes & WW2SW (Big Foot!) was a success. Dylan

This term went well because recently we reached Platinum, students are getting really close to a full Star Card (Super Star Carder status) & that this week's HU Champions achieved 50% AT or higher. (EC3 50% AT & R16 with 59%) The corflutes, based on our Team's concept design, were launched at our school earlier in the term. A downside was that due to R4 having a different teacher, HU has not been returned this term. (& we have tried! Our Team did mention to the teacher that HU is important... we will try again early next term) Laghima

We have achieved many things this term considering we seemed to be always missing one or two of the Team. We reached Platinum this term (one of our goals) & now are just 289 points from Double Platinum. All of our events & campaigns have gone well & everyone has enjoyed participating. We are hoping to host a special lunch later next term to celebrate our great participation rate with Star Cards. Ruby

I think this term was amazing. We have had our ups & downs but managed to stay focussed to achieve Platinum & are heading towards Double Platinum! We ran a class competition for WW2SW (Big Foot) which went really well. We've done lots of posters (for our events) & stories even though we were missing members of the Team. We got "out of step" when we forgot Fun Feet Fridays last Friday; thankfully it was JUST us who knew when it was! Except for that, we have had a great term & I am hoping for an even better Term 4! Emma

Mentor's note: OOPS! Yes, thankfully it WAS just the Team who were (supposed to be) in the "know" about FFFs. I will put it down to a very busy term & more often than not absences making those who WERE there, doing the extra work to keep us on task. Having said that, the Team has everything (posters, class notes) ready to launch Bike Month & our WalknWheel Day to School, as soon as the new term starts; how's that for being organised? Mighty efforts this term, Team. Well done.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing all those reflections on the term (doing the team reflection activity earned you 15 points, and you also got 25 for sharing all the outcomes here). Nice to know that you are not perfect either, and also that you seem to have got away with forgetting that FFF 🤣!

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