With numbers still slightly depleted the Team took on the task of looking back over this term.

This term was bonkers. We had so much fun. We had NWS2SD & participated in the WayFinding competition. I could go on & on but the important part is I had an amazing term & I learnt there's a solution to every problem. The exciting news is our Dress Up as Your Favourite Animal proposal is our favourite word: it's a YES! Kelly

This term was extremely exciting with all the things that came up. In May we had NWS2SD. It was really nice to meet Kieran & Deb. It was also fun planning the Dress Up as Your Favourite Animal proposal. We also had Thank a Traffic Warden Day. I have learned lots of lessons. I have absolutely enjoyed this term. Our average AT was 45% for the term. We are 21 points away from Platinum. Ruby

This term has been a really exciting one & jam packed with fun AT events such as Thank a Traffic Warden & NWS2SD. It was fun to do these events with the Team. We also had a meeting with Miss Murray about an idea Laghima came up with. It is Dress Up as Your Favourite Animal. Today we found out that it is a YES! We are 21 points away from Platinum. Brianna

At the beginning of term we achieved Gold. In May, we participated in NWS2SD. We also worked on Way Finding designs for the COR WF signage competition. Then in June we presented a proposal Dress Up as Your Favourite Animal to our Principal. At the end of last week we had the Winter Sports Carnival. Today we found out that Miss Murray has agreed to our proposal. We have already put the date on our calendar planner & next term we start our promotions. Laghima

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James (Your Move)

That is so exciting that you worked through a process to get approval for your new event and that it got approved! I can see everyone is amped up about that 😁. I also really like that Kelly learned that every problem has a solution. You have earned 15 points for your reflection this term and another 15 for all the students' thoughts.

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