Starting the 2022 Journey.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This morning the Team introduced Your Move to the school at Assembly. Here is Kelly's & Ruby's report:

Good morning everyone & welcome to YM for 2022. We intend making every MOVE count! We are the YM Team: Brianna, Dylan, Kelly, Laghima, Ruby & Talayah.

Each fortnight we will present the Warnbro WalknWheel Award to the Junior & Senior classes with the best Active Transport participation rate. Active Transport means coming to school by walking, cycling, scootering or catching public transport. This means with fewer cars, our streets are SAFER for us. It also means that there is less impact on the environment.

If you must come by car, have your parents drop you at one of the Guarded Crossings either end of Axminster Rd & WALK the rest of the way. You will feel so much better for those MOVES! During the year we will run events & campaigns to encourage YOUR MOVES. We will keep you up to date with information about these.

This term our special events are Decorate Your Wheels at the end of this month & then National Ride to School Day in March. Of course our Warnbro WalknWheel campaign which is in its 9th year, happens every Toesday. Wheeling Wednesdays will be back soon as will Star Cards. So get those feet MOVING!

Come along for the ride! We hope you will join us on our 2022 journey!

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James (Your Move)

Nice promo team! I can see lots of upcoming stories on your Interclass Comp, Regular AT days, and events and campaigns 😁. Today you have earned 25 points for your assembly spruik and 10 points for sharing the full text.

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