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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week we dutifully completed the required final 2017 HU survey. After entering all the data I was somewhat disappointed to see that we appeared to have gone backwards. Especially glum, knowing all the efforts of this year's YM Team to encourage Active Transport. ( SOY 48% AT, EOY 44% AT)

So being a little miffed I decided to delve a little deeper into the data we have collected this year. As I explained to the Team this afternoon, 1 HU is a point in time whereas looking at all of our data gives us the overall picture. I was heartened when I found that some classes have become absolute STARS ( & Star Carders too!) with AT participation rates.

I also found that numbers have dropped; have we been losing our AT participants? So many questions & answers to be found (or better still solutions.)

The good stuff: 4 classes have achieved very good AT results throughout the whole year. These classes had at least 50% AT for more than 50% of the year.

  • Room 11 with 79% of the year.
  • Rooms 7 & 8 with 67% of the year.
  • Room 17 with 53% of the year.
  • Nearly 60% of the school had Star Cards.

So although our final count was less than we expected, there were some good things coming out of it. And much food for thought for goal setting for 2018!

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Congratulation to those rooms who really promote active transport. Way to go!!!

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Hi Arlene! Really great to be able to compare the beginning and end of year, particularly to delve deeper as you say, and be able to identify who is doing well and who needs to be targeted for increased participation next year. After all, what can be measured can be managed! Good work :)

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