Staying on Track.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Yesterday COR YM schools were invited to this term's networking session. Sadly numbers were light on with some of our "regulars" being away assuming other responsibilities. Carol-Ann (via Zoom) gave us all the good oil, especially about Connecting Schools Grants & Penny briefed us on what will be coming up in the future in Rockingham.

Each of us discussed what is going on in our schools & then we shared possible ideas of how to sort any possible hiccups. The beauty of these sessions is a shared concern & interest in what everyone else is doing & if there seem to be some "hiccup" everyone pitches in to support & offer possible ways of sorting the hiccup!

Since last year, with COVID19 throwing a spanner in the works, we have all had to acknowledge (& accept) that sometimes WHAT we HAD hoped (indeed planned) to do, was JUST NOT possible. Sometimes external circumstances just mean it is not possible to do!

I know for our Team (& me!), that has been a tricky lesson to learn but when you can accept that sometimes stuff is out of your hands, it is character building!

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Arlene - I like the acceptance message. It reminds me of the CIA principal I learnt in project management training. If you can't Control the situation and you also can't Influence it, then you must Accept it - it saves a lot of heartache to realise that! You have earned 25 points for attending the network meeting and another 10 for your reflective story.

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Thank you, James, another acronym for my list! I'll be taking this one to the Team on Monday for discussion & filing under "useful stuff."

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