This morning I had the opportunity to attend the YM Forum. Lucky me! As always some interesting ideas to ponder & discuss & work out how to weave into your own narrative! I did not realise how soon the power of story telling would come into play! Great session & thanks for the chance to attend YM Crew.

As I said I did not realise how soon things would happen... Even before I left the building I was telling stories, chatting with the lovely lady from the Heart Foundation (apologies, I didn't get your name) about all things dealing with walk days. We continued chatting in the lift & then the foyer! There I was, already walking on air!

Off to catch the train, there I am comfortably sat when a senior gentleman sat alongside & enquired "no phone?" I replied that I just enjoyed the view of the river & its occupants (the many types of birdlife). Yes you know where this is going... We chatted (shared stories) for the next 20 minutes till this lovely man departed the train. Our stories ranged from the beautiful river, to Uluru & the mighty Pilbara & Kimberley regions of WA. We even had a shared history of emigrating to Australia in the 1960s & chuckled about how things had changed!

As he left I bade him safe journey while basked in the warm glow of the stories shared, my life all that much richer.

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James (Your Move)

What a lovely story about a story (or two!). The value of being inspired and stimulated shouldn't be underestimated, so thanks so much for sharing that Arlene. You have also earned 50 points for attending a YM session, plus a bonus 10 for the beautiful details of your post.

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