Talking, Walking & Wheeling.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Friday, 28th October saw us host our walks to school for the conclusion of Bike Month (& our Term 4 walk day). Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Thank you also to our guest walkers on the day: COR Deputy Mayor (Hayley Edwards),COR Community Development Officer (Kieran Birney), COR Councillor Hume & our P&C President (Melissa Hunter.) We were all so engaged "in the moment" that I forgot to get photos but trusty Bett came to the rescue!

Following is how our Team saw the morning:

Our hosted walks take planning. We write invitations to guest walkers such as our P&C President, Local MLA & councillors from the City of Rockingham. We invite these people to join us to be part of our community & see how great our school is. Kelly

On WnW2SD, we wrote down everyone's name who joined us. They got a lucky dip from our YM bag. They could then walknwheel to school or stay & opt to join our WSB. Today we drew the names out of the hat for our 3 Wonderful WalknWheelers (one from each of our walknwheel sites) Brianna

We do our hosted walks to encourage more to use AT. Also our lucky dip at our walk starting points might get them interested too. I know that everyone had a good time. It is important to use AT. It helps physical & mental health. Ruby

We do WnW2SD because it is more inclusive & it wouldn't be fair to leave riders out when it's Bike Month. If you joined one of our walknwheels you had a chance of being a Wonderful WalknWheeler. Brody

Walking or wheeling to school results in being both more physically & mentally healthy. Using AT also helps being more energetic. Laghima

We hosted walknwheels to school on Friday 28th October. We also had little prizes to encourage walking or riding to school. When we got to school the YM Team went from room to room doing a special HU for our morning. I think it was amazing that on top of all that we also had the blender bike. So we got to make & enjoy smoothies. I believe we did pretty well & look forward to next year. Dylan

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James (Your Move)

Great to see it all come together again for another beautifully sunny hosted walk day! You have earned 15 points for the inside stories shared by the team. I'm glad Bett saved the day with her photos!

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Thanks, James. I so love these days when the Team showcases (without realising it!) their planning & confidence in meeting & greeting our guest walkers. Yes & I am so happy that Bett got some photos!

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