Team-building at its Best

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Summer writes about our YM shirts:

A while ago we received 3 of our YM shirts & didn't receive the rest but then we found out that they did not even have the bigger sizes that we needed. So we decided that we would not put on our shirts until they all came so its fair for the others.

Last week we finally received our bigger sizes. We were very pleased that have finally got them. We were so excited that we put them on straight away.

Thank you for making bigger shirt sizes!

Mentor's note: Summer, Cohen C. & Katrina wrote a letter to YM outlining their dismay at no larger sized shirts. I like to think that this letter set in motion the availability of larger sized shirts. We were so proud of the stance taken by the Team to hold off wearing the shirts UNTIL everyone had one! That's what I call TEAMWORK. And THANK YOU YM!

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Great advocacy Summer, Cohen & Katrina! And good on you for waiting so you were all able to wear the shirts as a team.

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Justine (Your Move)

Glad you like them, team. You missed the part about the student team sending us a letter asking for the new shirts! Bonus points for great advocacy for sure :)

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