Team Presentation Part 1

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

At the beginning of this term, Laghima had an idea which she discussed with the rest of the Team. The idea was to have a Pets Day at school as a way of rewarding AT. After much discussion at school & at home, Laghima revised her idea to Come Along Dressed as Your Favourite Animal. From there, further discussion was had on the Why, What, How & When. This was quite tricky because at the same time the Team was busy designing WayFinding signage for a COR competition, so we had to apportion our time as the competition had an end date. Once our design had been submitted we were able to focus all our time on the planning of the reward.

Early on I was so impressed with the idea that I approached our Principal to gain her thoughts on it & more to the point would she come along to a YM session to hear the presentation. So we checked & synchronized calendars & today the Team presented the proposal to the Principal.

As I mentioned, the Team had been preparing for some weeks, fine tuning W,W, H & W. All was ready for today... we WERE ready but two of the Team were absent! As resilient as ever, Laghima, Brianna & Kelly took on extra parts of the presentation. We did a quick practice, then the girls went to ask Miss Murray along to our YM room (I thought the little walk might ease up the nerves!) Following is what they thought about today.

Today Miss Murray came to listen to our Bring Our Pets to School Day proposal. Normally we have 5 in our Team but today we had 3 so we had to split up our notes & cover the areas the 2 absent were to do. Miss Murray came along & listened to our presentation. She loved it & borrowed our notes so that she could discuss it with the Deputies. It was very scary too. Laghima

I felt rather nervous because 2 of our Team were away & we had to step up & fill in their places. As soon as we started the nerves disappeared. I think Miss Murray really liked our presentation. Brianna

We were so nervous to present Laghima's idea, Bring Your Pet to School Day, to Miss Murray, but we can't bring pets onto school grounds so then we had another think & we came up with Dress up as Your Favourite Animal. Each of us presented a different part of the proposal. Then Miss Murray had a talk about how she liked how we had come up with another idea when we knew the first one wouldn't work. We think it's a yes! Kelly

Mentor's note: a slightly depleted Team carried off presenting the proposal with aplomb, albeit a few nerves! Miss Murray meets with the Team next week to let them know if the proposal is a goer. So next week we will conclude with Part 2!

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone in moulding Laghima's idea and pitching it to Miss Murray. You have earned 10 points for your team meeting and 20 points for your detailed discussion of the idea. In Part 2, can you cover how the reward is linked to Active Travel?

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Will do, James. Rest assured the link was definitely mentioned, but I will make sure that all the threads are pulled together in Part 2!

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