Team Presentation Part 2

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Above the notes, the Team prepared for the presentation last week. After the presentation, Miss Murray our Principal, borrowed the notes so that she could discuss the proposal with the Deputies. One of the key points to the proposal was achieving a set AT % with Star Cards. The Team nominated this as 65% school participation in SCs. This would be the trigger for the reward proposal. As Miss Murray explained to the Team, the reward day would need to be negotiable as Term 3 already had a lot going on.

Today the Team waited patiently for Miss Murray to arrive but as the nature of school would have it, she was held up in a meeting so I was delegated to pass on the outcome of proposal. YES! The Team was so excited! Straight into the calendar planner, the date has been placed: Friday of Week 1 Term 4.

Well done Team on a well presented proposal. Thank you Miss Murray for coming along to listen to the proposal & discuss with the Team some very salient points: 1.there is always a solution, sometimes you just have to look at the problem differently & 2. time frames dictate when things can happen.

Now the planning starts with the promotion of the reward (that's another story!), but first a timely holiday break, well deserved by this mighty little Team!

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