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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team relates last week's YM 2018 presentation.

We did the presentation to give information to help Year 4s &5s decide about joining YM next year. We explained what we do, when we do it & how we do it. We spoke to them in the Undercover Area.I talked about events the YM Team is responsible for hosting & what we were saving for: our/their bike shelter. I'm pretty sure the whole Team was nervous & determined for this to finish. Cohen McL.

I felt shy & nervous then after a bit happy & great. I talked about the Random Raffle Ticket Days & Ride2School. Katrina.

We talked about the events & campaigns we did & how to be part of YM. We gave out YM application forms to the 4s & 5s who are thinking of joining next year. Summer

I felt embarrassed but we did did our best to promote YM. Taihleia

Mentor's note: The varying emotions felt when standing in front of a group of your peers! Another task taken on & done well. One of the teachers came up at the end of the presentation & thanked the Team for everything achieved this year. These gracious comments were totally unexpected but much appreciated by the Team & mentor alike! Thank you.

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Well done on your presentation, sounds like the team did an excellent job, despite a few nerves! Hopefully you have inspired a new group of students to have a go at Your Move next year :) Remember, when posting add photos to automatically get more points for your story.

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