Term 3 Off to a Busy Start.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Just week 3 and the Team got right into a number of activities designed to encourage active travel. Here is how Jack & Travis explained everything at the assembly during the Your Move report:

"REMEMBER every Tuesday that you choose active travel as the way to come to school you can earn a raffle ticket which earns you a STAR on your Star Card. 5 Stars in a row is a pick from the prize box.

Riding on Wednesdays means another chance to have a pick from the prize box! Wheeling Wednesdays raffle winners are...

RACE AROUND the WORLD has started! Which class will be the first to RACE AROUND the WORLD? We add you hands up count each week to your fantastic maps. At present, R14 is 1st, EC3 2nd & R4 3rd. Make sure your hands up comes to R14 on Tuesdays to get your class at the front of the Race!


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Natasha (Your Move)

Well done Jack and Travis for the well-delivered presentation, I felt like I was part of the crowd! You have earned 25 points for you school by presenting at the assembly and I added an extra 5 points for your great speech! Go team! 🥳

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